Awakening: Coming to UUism

On May 26th, Mark Mueller referenced the following publication created by Rev. Steven Epperson, of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, which asks ministers from across Canada: “What do you wish … Read more

Meaning (May and June)

Reading – “Angst” from the book Sum: Forty Tales of the Afterlives by David Eagleman A tale about important work, vacations, and the meaning of meaninglessness: The Origin of the … Read more

Justice and Activism (March)

Lotta Hitschmanova and USC Canada Here’s a bio of Lotta Hitschmanova, from the USC Canada website: More Unitarian Histories of Justice and Activism Learn about Emily Stowe – one … Read more

Theme for May: Choices 2

Now With More Dimensions! Activity – Deeper Images See this in 3D – No glasses required! Viewing instructions: Cross your eyes until you see four images. Allow the two middle images … Read more

Theme for April: Grace 1

  Artists – Hevesh5 and SuperMarMarMan1 are professional domino artists The Amazing Triple Spiral by Hevesh5   The Greatest Domino Effect of ALL TIME is a collaboration by Hevesh5 with … Read more

Theme for March: Presence

The Hand-made’s Tale Featured Film – Pride (2014) (available on Canadian Netflix) As a lesbian and gay rights group fights for equality in 1980’s UK, they see that striking miners … Read more