Our Shared Ministry

Throughout our life as a Fellowship, the concept of “shared ministry” has been central to who we are as a religious community. Whether we have had the support of a professional minister, or been lay-led, we have worked together to minister to each other and to the broader community. Our Fellowship exists because of the deep commitments of many people.

At present, we are a lay-led fellowship with a minister emeritus Rev. Fred Cappuccino. Our members provide leadership for our ministries of caring, of learning, and of sharing and witnessing for social justice, and have a strong voice in the development and presentation of our weekly services.

Caring Circle

Our caring ministry is coordinated by a Caring Circle. The caring circle exists to facilitate the giving and receiving of care in the Fellowship. Practical, emotional, and neighbourly support is offered non-judgmentally and with due respect for confidentiality. Our members offer their time and talents to help with weddings or other celebrations, funerals, sickness, and loneliness. Their contributions may be food, a phone call, a home to meet in, a ride, or a visit.

Worship Cluster

Our ministry of Sunday services is planned and coordinated by our members, with the support of our Worship Coordinator. This weekly time together is an opportunity for learning, listening, reflection and meditation. Many hands and minds contribute to each service – engaging and scheduling speakers, making music, preparing our space and our sound system, making the coffee and snacks, acting as service leaders and speakers, working with the children and youth. Since Unitarians have no dogma or creed, we strive to use this time to deepen our understanding of our principles. Together, we reflect on our beliefs and how we live our lives. We listen to each other. We talk about issues that are important to us – issues of ethics and beliefs, our families, or social concerns.

Social Action

In our ministry of sharing and witnessing for social justice, we support each other, individually and collectively, to take action on issues that are important to us. We seek to grow as a spiritual and ethical community, where each of us is supported to make contributions to the life of our congregation, to our immediate community and to the broader world. See our Social Justice Activities page for more information.

Inspiring Activities Cluster

Our ministry of growth and learning is supported by a small group that encourages activities and events to inspire us! The inspiring activities cluster aims to support events that enhance community building and learning opportunities. These might include social gatherings, special events, and Adult RE offerings.

Welcome and Membership Team

Our ministry of welcoming is spearheaded by our membership team, whose focus is not limited to members of the Fellowship, but rather focuses on radical welcoming to newcomers, visitors, and all who enter our Fellowship space. Our membership team works hard to ensure that we are a welcoming community that ministers not just to those people who already come, but to all who may join us soon.