Theme for May: Choices 2

Now With More Dimensions!

Activity – Deeper Images

See this in 3D – No glasses required!

Viewing instructions:

  1. Cross your eyes until you see four images.
  2. Allow the two middle images to merge so you only see three images in total.
  3. Let your eyes adjust on the middle overlapping images until the picture adds depth!

Have trouble seeing the 3D effect?  You’re not alone!

Not everyone can cross their eyes!  And not everyone’s eyes work the same.  You can also appreciate these two, slightly-different images on their own!

[Photo: Rodrigo Emilio Solano-Quesnel – Backyard (Mexico City, 2010)]


Video – Is This What Quantum Mechanics Looks Like? – Dr. Derek Muller

Wave or Particle?

Why choose one or the other? Quantum mechanics allows for more than one answer at a time! This video displays some of the complexity of particle physics with appealing visuals.


Story – What Pet Should I Get? (2015) – Dr. Seuss – ISBN 9780553524260

A new story from the late Dr. Seuss! It has a “quantum” ending when all options are possible!


Movie – Back to the Future II (1989) – Robert Zemeckis

Also featuring 2015 is a story of time travel into the future as it might have been two years ago… when people wear two ties, and every choice has the potential to alter the space-time continuum!

Now on Canadian Netflix.