Adult RE

Adult Religious Exploration offers members and friends the opportunity to come together for spiritual enrichment, intellectual questioning, and self-exploration. Check out our current and upcoming offerings below!

Ongoing Small Groups:

Check the calendar for schedule

Meditation Sessions – Sitting and walking mindfulness meditation
Every other Saturday morning, 10am-12pm

Groupe de croissance spirituelleCercle mensuelle qui permet un partage plus profond axé sur l’écoute et l’échange sans discussion

Women’s Discussion Group – Discussing women-centred issues in our minds and on our hearts.

Winter 2020 Workshops and Opportunities:

Monthly Discussion Circles
First Sunday of the month 12pm

Articulating Y(OUR) UU Faith with Sarah Baxter
Saturday, January 25th 10am-12pm

Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography with Rev. Linda Goonewardene
6 sessions: Saturdays, 1-4pm, between February 15th and April 4th

Themes for Contemplation: Monthly Discussion Circle

First Sunday of the month at 12pm (Unless otherwise noted)

This Fall, our Adult Religious Exploration program will build on our now-familiar Themes for Worship. Once a month, all are welcome to join a casual discussion circle following the service to delve into the theme of the month. Discussion circles are an opportunity for spiritual growth and exploration, for getting to know oneself, and one’s neighbours, and to spend 45 minutes engaging with the monthly theme in an interactive way.

  • January 12th : Faith | How has your faith changed and evolved? How do you define “faith” in comparison to “religion” or “spirituality” or “belief ” or “hope?” How do you articulate our theologically diverse Unitarian Universalist Faith Tradition?
  • February 2nd : Black History Month | How has your understanding of history been influenced and shaped by the different histories of people of colour? Has your connection to this annual recognition of people of African heritage changed over time?
  • March 1st : Inclusion| How do you actively include people in your community? What does it mean to be radically inclusive? Do we need to step outside our comfort zones, in order to better include a greater diversity of people and experiences into our circle?

Articulating Y(OUR) UU Faith Workshop

Saturday, January 25th 10am-12pm

Articulating UU

Our “Faith Tradition” is one that is theologically diverse, which gets confusing when people get curious about us. Our unique approach to religion can also result in some difficult questions from those who have yet to experience the warmth of our spiritual community.

Have you ever had the uncomfortable experience of trying to answer questions about being a Unitarian Universalist, from friends, colleagues, even family? It’s so common to come away from these interactions feeling like you didn’t quite say what you meant.

This two hour workshop will explore some of the common misconceptions about Unitarians, how to answer those awkward questions, and prompt participants to practice their own version of a UU “Elevator Speech.” Challenge: Explain what it means to be Unitarian before the elevator reaches the 6th floor. Whether you’ve been struggling with articulating your faith for decades, or have just started joining our UU worship services, there will be room to explore and deepen your own understanding of what it means to be part of this community.

Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

Saturday afternoons 1-4pm February 14, 22, 29, March 14, 28, April 4

Registration limited to 14. Minimum 6 participants needed by February 8th for the course to go ahead. Register now!

This course will focus on writing as a means of focusing on one’s spiritual journey. Early sessions will include exercises to evoke settings, insights, feelings, etc. from our pasts, and some writing time.

Most of the READING, which we will do during our time together, will be from OUR OWN WRITINGS. We will be sharing meaningful and “sacred” experiences in our lives, so that being seen and heard becomes important, rather than receiving criticism or praise.

We will also read from Dan Wakefield’s THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE, and various other texts that explore writing as a means of focusing on one’s spiritual journey. We will occasionally read from examples of this type of writing, so please bring your favourite writers or passages.


  • February 15: Session One:   Introduction | Write Childhood Experience
  • February 22: Session Two: Read Childhood Experience | Write Adolescent Experience
  • February 29: Session Three: Read Adolescent Experience | Write Friend/Mentor Experience
  • March 14: Session Four: Read Friend/Mentor Experience | Make Road Map
  • March 28 & April 4: Sessions Five & Six: Read Spiritual Autobiographies