Adult RE

Adult Religious Exploration offers members and friends the opportunity to come together for spiritual enrichment, intellectual questioning, and self-exploration. Check out our current and upcoming offerings below!

Ongoing Small Groups:

Check the calendar for schedule

Meditation Sessions – Sitting and walking mindfulness meditation
Every other Saturday morning, 10am-12pm

Groupe de croissance spirituelleCercle mensuelle qui permet un partage plus profond axé sur l’écoute et l’échange sans discussion

Women’s Discussion Group – Discussing women-centred issues in our minds and on our hearts.
Monthly on Monday evenings

Fall 2019 Workshops and Opportunities:

Monthly Discussion Circles
First Sunday of the month 12pm

Deep Listening Workshop with Rev. Ellen Bell
Saturday, October 26th 1pm-4pm

Advanced Care Planning Workshop by Dying with Dignity Canada
Saturday, November 30th 9:30am-12:30pm

Themes for Contemplation: Monthly Discussion Circle

First Sunday of the month at 12pm (Unless otherwise noted)

This Fall, our Adult Religious Exploration program will build on our now-familiar Themes for Worship. Once a month, all are welcome to join a casual discussion circle following the service to delve into the theme of the month. Discussion circles are an opportunity for spiritual growth and exploration, for getting to know oneself, and one’s neighbours, and to spend 45 minutes engaging with the monthly theme in an interactive way.

  • October 6th : Community | How does your community feed your soul? How do we form and create meaningful relationships? What different needs do different kinds of relationships (Family, friends, like-minded community connections) serve in our lives?
  • November 3rd : Remembrance | How is our Remembrance of the past influenced by hindsight, history, and change? What connection or distance do you feel to our Unitarian and Universalist forbears? What emotions dominate when you practice remembrance?
  • December 1st : Light in the Darkness | When times feel hard, what helps you to hold on to hope? How can you act as the light in the darkness to others? What is our role in providing hope in the world?

Deep Listening Workshop

Saturday, October 26th 1pm-4pm

Birds Talking

What does it mean to listen deeply? To be fully present for one another? Spirit, mind, and heart are offered the opportunity to expand in the spaces offered by silence, and the safe space held open to one another through a listening ear. In this three-hour workshop, Rev. Ellen Bell will introduce participants to the process and practice of Deep Listening.

Advanced Care Planning Workshop

Saturday, November 30th, 9:30am-12:30pm

Dying with Dignity Logo

This workshop focuses on what you will need to consider and what steps to take to prepare for the possibility of losing the capacity to make decisions around your personal health care before or near the end of your life. It is designed to help you clarify who to select as your representative for personal care and what that representative needs to know about your wishes when you can no longer express them.

There will be a Powerpoint presentation with the opportunity to discuss issues in small groups and to ask questions. Printed copies of the Powerpoint presentation will be available for $2.

Refreshments including coffee, tea and water will be available.

PRESENTERS: Your workshop facilitators are volunteers with the Ottawa chapter of Dying with Dignity.

REGISTRATION: Please register in advance by sending your name and contact information to Registration is on a first come, first served basis. There is no cost to attend.

MATERIALS: You will need a copy of the Dying With Dignity Advanced Care Planning Kit. (Click to download)

You may also request a copy to be printed from the office by emailing by November 25th