UniHeART Gallery

UniHeART Gallery is located in the foyer at 400 McArthur Avenue.  It is a joint project of Heartwood House (our building’s co-owner) and the Fellowship.   We exhibit approximately 6 artists’ work in 2 month periods from September to June.  The Gallery is closed in the summer.  

The Gallery Committee is made up of 2 representatives from Heartwood House and 2 from the Fellowship.  The committee chooses the artists and hangs the shows.  We encourage local artists and welcome referrals.  Artists apply for a show through Jen Hubbard: jenheartwoodhouse@gmail.com.  There is a $30.00 registration fee.   

The Gallery is open to the public every weekday from 4 – 5 pm.  Entrance is through the Heartwood House door at 404 McArthur Ave.  Other viewing times can be arranged.  

UniHeART Gallery in the Foyer at 400 McArthur Ave

Current Exhibition


This exhibition is a retrospective of the various artworks SHSM students of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, Layla, Robin, Isabella M, Azmina, Kayla and Isabella C. created for the fundraising event for the Ottawa Community Laundry Co-op with DeSerres St-Laurent and under the tutelage and guidance of professional artist Max K. Black. This event took place on August 12th, 2022.

Learning an extensive list of new artistic skills, including screen printing, block printing, gliding, cyanotypes and other photo processes as well as mixed media with acrylic, watercolour and paint markers, students then turned those new methods into artwork. Combining many of these processes in various permutations, students then unleashed their creative voices onto themes provided to them by the Community Laundry Co-op.

Focusing on the dominant themes of community, diversity and of course anything laundry, students created multiple series of artworks exploring the subject at hand with a heightened sensitivity to the mediums used to further convey their message. The extensive collection of artworks created, hopes to draw the viewer in using shape, colour and humour and perhaps even inspire the next person to use their art to help their own community.

The title of the show “Art for Charity” is a reference to the article dedicated to the fundraising event written by Bruce Deachman that graced the front pages of the Ottawa Citizen on August 17th, 2022.