What To Expect on Sunday Morning

The Morning Service:

Sunday Services start at 10:30am with the Mindfulness Bell, a signal for those gathered to sit quietly and compose themselves for the service. Services usually include the following elements: Welcoming words; Lighting the Chalice; Joys and Sorrows; Meditations; Music; the Offering; and an Address.

Our speakers are not limited by dogma and we encourage free discussion and exploration of divergent views and opinions. As a result our services can vary widely depending on the topic of the week.

Although many members donate through pledges, we also receive an offering during the service in support of the work of the Fellowship. Every Sunday, half the cash collected in our offering is donated to the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre.

Coffee Hour:

After the service we have a coffee and refreshment time. You are welcome to stay and enjoy good fair trade coffee and excellent conversation. Some coffee hours include a discussion on the topic of the service. We occasionally plan pot luck lunches following the service.

What to bring with you:

An open mind and an open heart!

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