Justice and Activism (March)

Lotta Hitschmanova and USC Canada

Here’s a bio of Lotta Hitschmanova, from the USC Canada website:


More Unitarian Histories of Justice and Activism

Learn about Emily Stowe – one of the first women physicians in Canada and a suffragist:


And a short biography of Joseph Workman, reformer in psychiatry and founder of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto:



Remembering a UU Historian

As we learn about our tradition of Justice and Activism – and more deeply about the history of Unitarian Universalism – Rev. Phillip Hewett took a main part in telling our story.

Rev. Phillip Hewett died last month – and shortly before his death, the Unitarian Church of Vancouver presented him with a biographical booklet, celebrating many highlights of his lives.

View the booklet here!: