Covenant (January)

A key aspect of our Unitarian Universalist tradition is that we are non-creedal – which is to say that we do not identify our faith by one particular set of beliefs.  Instead, our community is built around Covenant – a set of promises around how we seek to live in right relationship with each other.
Our best-known Covenant is our commitment to affirm and promote our Seven Principles, which outline our main approaches to each other, to our institutions, and to our interdependent web of existence   We also create covenants for our specific communities, or even for specific gatherings, to outline expectations, guide accountability, and inspire community.
On Sundays this month, we’ve been deepening our understanding of this heritage and practice.  And outside of Sundays, you can also engage in this exploration by taking the theme home with this Themes page.
–Rev. Rod

Article – The Faces of Climate Change – CBC

A reminder of our covenant with the interrelated web of existence, including the people who live in the North:

Video – Truth and Trees – Ted-Ed

Music – Some Metal with a Classical Twist

A classic viral video with a new take on Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Reading – The Rules of the Game – Carl Sagan

A chapter from Sagan’s Billions & Billions outlining the ethical intricacies of the “Metal Rules”


Article – The Platinum Rule – Psychology Today

…and an alternative “Metal Rule” with more nuance: