Lay Chaplains

Lay Chaplains are carefully chosen lay members of Unitarian congregations who are trained to perform significant rites of passage ceremonies for members of the community. Ottawa Lay Chaplains are available to perform ceremonies at the location of your choice, whether onsite at UUFO, at First Unitarian, or at a location significant to you.

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Evangeline Danseco

Evangeline Danseco

Evangline is a long-time member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa, having joined in 2003 when her family moved to Ottawa from Costa Rica. She has also lived in Washington, DC and is originally from the Philippines. She became a Lay Chaplain in 2019.

Evangeline welcomes the opportunity to work with you to design a ceremony that reflect what you hold dear. Ceremonies offer an opportunity to pause, reflect and honour the significant moments in our lives and in our relationships. Some ceremonies she would be honoured to perform include:

  • Weddings
  • Renewal of vows
  • Name changes
  • Special birthdays or anniversaries
  • Child naming or baby blessings
  • Retirement
  • New home
  • Special travel to another country
  • Reconciliation
  • Celebrations of life
  • Celebrations of healing

If you have explored and challenged your family’s and culture’s traditions, expectations and definitions of the sacred and divine – if you are trying to bridge the multicultural paths within your family – if you long for something meaningful beyond the formulaic rituals – come and consult with us.M

Evangline is influenced by many cultures and faith traditions primarily the contemplative Catholic and Buddhist practices. She continues to learn the wisdom of many traditions, especially the wisdom of our own experiences, the wisdom of children, and the wisdom of nature. She received her training as an interfaith minister through One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City, and engages in ongoing professional development.

Nicki Brigland

Nicki has been a Lay Chaplain with First Unitarian since 2014. She has an incredible gift for making people feel at home with her warmth and ability to connect. She is comfortable in large groups and manages them with ease and grace.

Nicki is a graduate of Queens University (B.Com), is an entrepreneur and, as founder and director of sports and social clubs in Ottawa, Halifax, Kingston and Moncton, is passionately committed to  connecting adults through play via co-ed sports leagues, tournaments and social events. Nicki is a Certified Yoga Teacher, a Conscious Living and Loving Coach, and a Hospice Volunteer.

Nicki believes that life is to be celebrated, both in its birthing and dying – and all the special  moments in between. Through ceremony and ritual, she reminds us of the beauty of life’s transitions. She looks forward to weaving together a ceremony that incorporates your beliefs, values and traditions, bringing unique personal meaning to each celebration, be it a Wedding, Memorial, Child Dedication or any other special life event.

Alex Campbell

A former priest, Alex Campbell has been a Lay Chaplain at First Unitarian since 2014 and looks forward to helping you design your special rite of passage. With his compassion, warmth and his easy-going nature he will work with you to plan your unique, personalized, spiritual and enjoyable wedding, design a meaningful Memorial Service/Celebration of Life for your deceased loved one, or create a cherished Child Naming/Dedication for your child(ren).

With his academic background in theology and philosophy, psychology and spirituality and adult education, Alex has been an adult educator for most of his life. He brings a life-long commitment and involvement in spiritual growth and development to his lay chaplaincy.

After his early retirement in 2001, he volunteered for ten years in the Day Program at the Hospice at the Maycourt. Music has always been an important part of his life, and he sings in two choirs at the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa.