Adult RE

Adult Religious Exploration offers members and friends the opportunity to come together for spiritual enrichment, intellectual questioning, and self-exploration. Check out our current and upcoming offerings below!

Ongoing Small Groups:

Check the calendar for schedule

Meditation Sessions – Sitting and walking mindfulness meditation
Every other Saturday morning, 10am-12pm

Groupe de croissance spirituelleCercle mensuelle qui permet un partage plus profond axé sur l’écoute et l’échange sans discussion

Groupe de discUUssion – L’engagement envers la justice sociale et envers un monde meilleur va continuer à motiver notre réflexion.

Summer 2021 Workshops and Opportunities:

Compassionate Communication Workshop
Thursday, June 17 & Wednesday June 23, 10am
This workshop is full.

Summer Sundays “TEDTalk Coffee Hours”
Sundays, July 11 & August 8 at 11am

Compassionate Communication

Thursday, June 17 & Wednesday June 23, 10am
This two-part workshop offered by Fran Mowbray and Nick LePan will explore insights they have gained over the past 14 years of studying Compassionate Communication. This workshop is full.

Summer Sundays: “TEDTalk Coffee Hour”

Our Summer Sundays take a break from full worship services, but once a month we invite you back into our Zoom Sanctuary to watch a video together, followed by a thoughtful and engaging discussion.

July 11, 2021: No-God

August 8, 2021: Reverence for Weird Things