Children’s Religious Exploration

Please Note: Children’s Religious Exploration is currently on hiatus.

Children are welcome to join their grownups in the service

As a small Fellowship, we have a limited number of children attending each Sunday. Our Religious Educator, with the support of weekly volunteers, prepares weekly programs geared to a multi-age group. The UU Children’s Fellowship program reflects our belief that every individual’s spiritual path is unique. We work to create an experience in which our children are supported to explore their path while learning respect for the explorations of their peers.

As adult leaders in the Children’s Fellowship, we teach, not by lecturing, but by trying to model the values expressed in our UU principles – respect, caring, tolerance, and freedom of inquiry. In our relationships with each other and with the children, we seek ways of working that help us all to better understand the meaning of the “peace, justice, equality and compassion” that we strive for in the broader community.

The children are an integral part of the larger fellowship. They frequently attend the beginning of the adult service in which space is made for a story or talk suitable for all ages.

How Fellowship Adults Can Help

Volunteers are welcome to help and support Children’s Religious Exploration, bringing your unique perspectives and talents to our program.