Fellowship Community

There are many ways to get involved with our Fellowship community.

We are proud of our Sunday services, and we put a lot of energy into organizing and presenting them, but there are six more days in the week, after all! In our congregation, we make many opportunities on those other six days to learn together, to enjoy some good times with our Fellowship friends, and to help our community and the world around us by working together.

Learning Together: We seek to grow in our understanding of the world, of each other, and of ourselves. We have formal and informal sessions where we learn together from many sources – books, films, discussions, and various curricula based on social, spiritual, and philosophical themes. See our Adult Religious Exploration page or visit the Calendar to find out what’s happening, or read about our monthly rassemblements français.

Working Together: Our social justice and community activities are legion — see our Social Justice Activities page for details. When we work side by side to achieve a common goal, we strengthen our shared ministry, the bonds of friendship among us while we help to make the world a better place for all.

Good Times: Games nights, movies, musical events, wine-tasting events, dances and picnics are a few ways we have fun together. Any celebration is an excuse for a potluck supper!