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Just Get Over It: An Interactive Workshop

Just Get Over ItAn Interactive Workshop Exploring the True Historic Experience of Indigenous Peoples in Their Relationship with Settlers in North America

Tuesday November 7, Zoom       6 – 8 pm

Members of the First Peoples House of Learning team at Trent University facilitate this story-
telling workshop from an Indigenous perspective. Their engaging, non-blaming approach
offers participants a meaningful way to let go of common misconceptions, stereotypes, and
biases that many of us hold and to become informed partners with Indigenous people for new
ways forward.  See attached poster.  Spread the word!

Members of First Unitarian Congregation Ottawa and the Unitarian Fellowship of Ottawa
participated in “Just Get Over” Workshop last Spring. Jane Lindsay subsequently shared the
following via an article that she wrote for the Spire; “Just Get Over It” Workshop: An
Unforgettable Experience

“I ended up having a head, heart and gut-impacting experience which I will not forget”

“From the outset, (the) … co-facilitators demonstrated that they were not there to shame and blame us but to help us understand the true history, which neither we nor they were taught, of the traumatic damage colonialism did to Indigenous Peoples.”

“…my biggest “ah has” were not the result of learning facts. Instead, they emerged from the
format of the workshop: as we put ourselves into historic scenario after scenario, I felt a
visceral sense not only of the pain caused by a given abusive event but by the chronic trauma resulting from the relentless accumulation of these genocidal abuses over centuries. My whole being, not just my mind, grasped two things. First, why Indigenous Peoples cannot “just forget it”. Second, as amazing as it is, not only were they never actually conquered but they are survivors and, more and more, leaders of change.”

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Nov 07 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm