Theme for November – Healing the Spirit

Film – My Life as a Dog

Contributed by Pat Lucey

An endearing tale of a 12-year-old boy who seeks healing as he copes with challenges in his life.  Available through the Ottawa Public Library, via Kanopy streaming:

Featured Author – Dr. Paula Reeves

Contributed by Nancy Rubenstein

Want to find out more about “the heart’s intelligence”?  You can explore the wisdom of Dr. Paula Reeves in her site:

Poem – Last Night As I Was Sleeping

Contributed by Lorna Erickson-Fraser

Article – Canada’s Impossible Acknowledgement – The New Yorker

An outside perspective on the value – and challenges – around land acknowledgements in Canada:

Article – The Invisible Workload that Drags Women Down – Time

Exposing one way in which invisible workloads affect genders differently:


Feeding Our Awareness – Menu

As we move into our theme of Healing the Spirit in November, we have a full course of resources to feed our awareness on our ongoing conversations on racial justice and anti-oppression, which are central to our prophetic role at the Fellowship.

To help us be well-fed for our Teach-in on White Supremacy on November 5, here is a menu of short, digestible resources.  This is a full buffet of different media, including a generous helping of Canadian content!  Help yourself to single servings, or try out the entire menu!


Appetizer: a sweetly accessible analogy of Tallness and Privilege (3-minute Read) explaining privilege with a palatable dash of humour.

Side-dish: a spicy video explaining that nebulous term – Intersectionality – with a feminist flavour (4-minute Watch).  It is seasoned for a younger palate, but will intrigue the more adventurous gourmands.


Canadian Combo: Looking for a Canadian experience?  Try out this sampler by Robyn Maynard, offering a powerful blend of Black Lives’ Experience in Canada (8-Minute Read)

And by our chefs from CBC Radio, you can savour this interview of Dr Nell Irvin Painter (33-Minute Listen)

Take-out Option: In a hurry?  Take it to go!  This Article of the Interview with Dr Nell Irvin Painter (3-minute Read) will give you a taste of her main points.


Prix Fixe: A specialty of the House – our own Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed has a rich overview on The History of Black Lives in the UU Tradition (40-Minute Read – UUA Article), adapted from his Minns Lecture earlier this year.

For a fuller experience, you can also watch the Original Lecture – simply click on the link and choose the option for Minns Lecture 1.  You can pick-and-choose to watch the Lecture Only (54-minute Watch) or get add on the works, with the Full Video (1h47m Watch), including the Q&A session at the end.


Dessert: Still curious?  Top up your awareness feed with this Confection (15-Minute Read) by Lori Lakin Hutcherson.

Bon appétit!