Theme for March: Presence 2

Neverending Stories

Featured Film – The NeverEnding Story (1984)

A young reader faces the real-life power that dreams can have when imagination is nourished – and the dangers when people give up the power of imagination and give in to fear.

(available in DVD at the Ottawa Public Library)

You can also try the book and get immersed in the meta-narrative of Fantasia!

The Neverending Story – by Michael Ende


Video – A New History for Humanity – The Human Era (Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell)

A neat animation featuring the landmarks of human civilization since 12000 years ago.  On Sunday, we’ll see a calendar that places us in the year 12,017 HE (Human Era).


Short Story – Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino

Boundless Love Nurtured Family with 21 Children – The Montreal Gazette

A news article featuring our Bonnie and her husband, our Minister Emeritus, Rev. Fred Cappuccino.


Unitarian Biography – Bonnie and Her 21 Children – Fred Cappuccino

Or, read the fuller story… in book form!  Book available at: