High Horizons – One Last Time

Our Fellowship has long participated in the High Horizons lunch program at MacKay United Church. It’s been a regular Tuesday outing for disabled adults and their caregivers, and we do our part by bringing sandwiches and cookies or squares for lunch, volunteering in the kitchen for preparation and cleanup, and entertaining after lunch by leading a singalong for a very appreciative audience.

When we helped out in October, the McKay United volunteers told us that the program is coming to an end, due to diminished participation and volunteer support. So we will be helping with High Horizons one last time on Tuesday, April 30th.  

We have signed up to bring the following:

  • 4 loaves of sandwiches
  • 4 dozen cookies or squares
  • 4-5 kitchen volunteers
  • singers and musicians to lead the singalong after lunch

Please contact me if you are interested in helping out at this enjoyable and rewarding social action event by providing some of the food, helping out in the kitchen, and/or joining the after-lunch singing group. And if you have been a regular High Horizons volunteer, this will be your opportunity to say good-bye to the volunteers, caregivers, and disabled adults who have become our friends over the years.

When: Tuesday, April 30th, 11:00 – 1:00

Where: MacKay United Church in New Edinbugh (corner of MacKay and Dufferin)

Contact: Pat Lucey, pattylucey298@gmail.com