Federal Consultation on Assisted Dying

The federal government has announced a public consultation on the changes regarding the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) legislation. Dying with Dignity has provided some background resources for you to read before you fill out the online survey. Have your say and complete the survey by January 27, 2020.

From Dying With Dignity:

On Monday, January 13, the federal government initiated a consultation with the Canadian public and key stakeholders regarding changes to the current legislation regulating medical assistance in dying (MAID). The consultation is focused on removing the MAID eligibility requirement that natural death be reasonably foreseeable, consistent with the recent Quebec Superior Court decision in Truchon v. Canada (Attorney General), and on the potential of allowing advance requests for MAID.

In the fall, DWDC reiterated its four-point list of top priorities for the first six months of the new Parliament. The organization is urging Ottawa to:

  • Amend the federal assisted dying law to reflect the Quebec Superior Court decision in Truchon v.Canada (Attorney General). Do not create additional safeguards that risk establishing unintended barriers to access to MAID
  • Pass Audrey’s Amendment in support of the rights of people who’ve been Assessed and Approved  for medical assistance in dying (MAID)
  • Commit to amending the law to permit advance requests for MAID, as recommended by the Special Joint Parliamentary Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying in 2016. The current ban on advance requests unfairly prohibits many people with capacity-eroding conditions such as dementia from accessing their right to a medically assisted death
  • Prepare for the launch of the legally mandated fifth-year Parliamentary review of the federal assisted dying law, and ensure the public has meaningful opportunities to provide feedback on the future of MAID in Canada

Click on the link below to complete the online public consultation made available by the federal government. Don’t delay — the online public consultation will only be available until January 27th, 2020 (11:59 pm).

Click here to access the questionnaire now

As you’re formulating your responses, you may wish to consult a couple resources that we’ve made available. DWDC recently prepared its new Post-Election Advocacy Toolkit to help you share your views with your MP and other decision-makers. You can also review the statement we just released calling for a right-based approach to amending the federal assisted dying law.

Now is the time you, our supporters, can make your voices heard by the Ministers of Justice and Health. Your participation can help ensure that fair and equitable access to assisted dying is available for people across the country enduring intolerable suffering who provide informed consent to receive MAID, whether their end of life is foreseeable or not.

With gratitude,

Alexandra Da Dalt