Faith (April)

Faith and Trust are central pillars of a healthy spiritual community, emboldening us to openly seek out the new, while also recognizing our need to feel safe.

A story of Apollo 13

Amy Shira Teitel tells a short account of the Apollo 13 mission – its failures, successes, and learning opportunities.

You can also watch the movie Apollo 13 on Canadian Netflix.

Hands-on – Perpetual Test Flights

Find how John Collins embraces failure as an opportunity to make amazing paper airplanes – from a record-breaking plane, to a others that do really cool stuff!

Get ready for some intense folding!  It might take some practice and time – and much experimentation!

More Space Talk – from Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Commander Chris Hadfield lays out the risks and the excitement of space exploration.

Video – Norton I, Emperor of the United States (and Protector of Mexico)

Biography Article – Emperor Norton I

The inspiring story of an unconventional monarch: