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Let’s Talk About It (again): Doctrine of Discovery 500+ years later

At the UUFO general meeting in January we will be asked to vote on a motion formally repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery.  What’s there to talk about? There were millions of people living in the lands claimed under this “doctrine.”.  Nobody believes this anymore.  Why talk about it?  Why bother “repudiating” it? 

Our vote is to add our specific voice to the CUC motion passed at the AGM in May.

BE IT RESOLVED that: 1. The Canadian Unitarian Council formally repudiates the Doctrine of Discovery, and urges its member congregations to do the same; 2. CUC will add our name to the list of faith organizations who have already repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery, and this will be communicated to the member congregations; 3. The CUC advocates for legislation to formally enact the repudiation of the Doctrine nationally and within Canadian legal systems; 4. An Action Group be set up immediately to plan the implementation of this repudiation.

CUC Resolution

Why us?  Why now?  Please join us either in-person or on-line for this information/discussion session to prepare for the UUFO motion in January. Contact Marilynn Kuhn (mkuhn@bell.net) for more information or to submit your questions. Zoom link will be shared in Friday Notes.


Nov 15 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


400 McArthur Ave. Ottawa

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