Meaning (May and June)

Reading – “Angst” from the book Sum: Forty Tales of the Afterlives by David Eagleman A tale about important work, vacations, and the meaning of meaninglessness: The Origin of the Nobel Peace Prize – Ted Talk A background look at the Nobel Peace Prize – where it came from and how it’s chosen. The Future … Read more

Faith (April)

Faith and Trust are central pillars of a healthy spiritual community, emboldening us to openly seek out the new, while also recognizing our need to feel safe. A story of Apollo 13 Amy Shira Teitel tells a short account of the Apollo 13 mission – its failures, successes, and learning opportunities. You can also watch … Read more

Justice and Activism (March)

Lotta Hitschmanova and USC Canada Here’s a bio of Lotta Hitschmanova, from the USC Canada website: More Unitarian Histories of Justice and Activism Learn about Emily Stowe – one of the first women physicians in Canada and a suffragist: And a short biography of Joseph Workman, reformer in psychiatry and founder of the … Read more

Self-Reflection (February)

This month we’re making space to consider how we can strengthen our own spiritual practice, by allowing time and effort in considering what is special to us — and how that connects us to all that is larger than ourselves.   Link – The Empty Chalice – Rev. Fiona Heath Rev. Fiona Heath is the … Read more

Covenant (January)

A key aspect of our Unitarian Universalist tradition is that we are non-creedal – which is to say that we do not identify our faith by one particular set of beliefs.  Instead, our community is built around Covenant – a set of promises around how we seek to live in right relationship with each other. … Read more

Solemnity & Play (December)

Video – Measuring the Year – Soliloquy This choose-your-own-adventure video gives you several options on how we can measure the length of a year. Playful Article – The True Meaning of Christmas (That Everyone Forgets) – David Wong David Wong, from the humour site offers a touching and playful reflection on the spirit of … Read more

Theme for November – Healing the Spirit

Film – My Life as a Dog Contributed by Pat Lucey An endearing tale of a 12-year-old boy who seeks healing as he copes with challenges in his life.  Available through the Ottawa Public Library, via Kanopy streaming: Featured Author – Dr. Paula Reeves Contributed by Nancy Rubenstein Want to find out more about … Read more

Theme for June: Spirit of Summer 2

Ikebana (Photo: Rodrigo Emilio Solano-Quesnel, Ottawa 2017) Article – Ikebana: An Ancient Art of Complex Simplicity This article tells one student’s story of learning the paradoxical beauty of Ikebana flower arranging. Video – How It’s Made – Fireworks The bouquets of fire we often see around summer holidays have a story of their own … Read more