Canadian UU Women’s Association Call for Submissions

The Canadian U*U Women’s Association invites submissions of personal reflections, Worship materials including readings and sermons, artwork, study or reflection questions, and poetry for its annual IWD package. The theme this year is Wisdom. Last year we published an extensive selection of poetry and beautiful artwork in our package. This year, we are particularly interested in short poems or personal reflections that could be used at an International Women’s Day service or a study group in March 2020.
You may wish to send a photo of yourself at a time when you drew from your spiritual wisdom or learned something that has given your life meaning since that time, and a personal story that reflects your thoughts and experiences. The following questions may spark some ideas or memories: What difference would it make if women’s wisdom were more valued and brought to different issues? How do/could we shake up the world with women’s wisdom? Where have we brought different sources and forms of wisdom to a personal problem or situation? How have you nurtured and acted on our feminist or goddess spiritual wisdom? How is your life different because you were bold in sharing the wisdom within you, and how would they be different if you had not (been) held back? What knowledge have you gained by transitioning or coming out? What is (your) trans, queer, or non-binary wisdom?

Please send your unpublished, original writing or artwork about Wisdom as an attachment to an email with your name, pronoun, congregation or location, and a short bio by December 5, 2019, or contact us at for more information. Note that by submitting material you are giving the CUUWA to publish your writing electronically, to distribute it freely, and to read it at a service or discussion group. In addition, any member of the public may have access to your writing, and the CUUWA does not wish to and cannot control the use that is made of your work. Although there is no compensation for your contribution, you will be credited and retain full copyright of your work.

We encourage you to become a member of the CU*UWA. Memberships cost $25. a year and discounts are offered for additional family/household members or longer-term memberships. Look for information at

We look forward to reading about your thoughts and experiences.