October 4th Sunday Service

Service Leaders: Nick Lepan and Fran Mowbray
Speaker: E.N. Hill, Ministerial Intern
Reader: Nancy Rubenstein
Musical Guests: Michel Boudreau, Nick Lepan, Fran Mowbray

Click on this link to view the video of this service

Prelude: #123 Spirit of Life
Opening Words
Chalice Lighting

Opening Song “New World in the Morning” performed by Fran & Nick
Meditation + Joys & Sorrows
Music Video:
“Gorillaz – Every Planet We Reach Is Dead”
Reflection “What are we to do?” E.N. Hill, Ministerial Intern
Offertory words/instructions for giving
Music Video “With Our Own 2 Hands” ATD Fourth World (All Together in Dignity)
Closing Words
Chalice Extinguishing
Postlude “Let It Be” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, performed by Michel Boudreau