October 25th Sunday Service

“Renewal of Our Fellowship’s Resources”
Service Leader: allison calvern
Speakers: allison calvern, Brandon Milk, Dave Edmunds, Maurice Cabana-Proulx, Michel Jan

Click on this link to view the video of the Zoom service

Order of Service
Prelude: Northern Lullaby by Sergey Chereminsinov; Video imagery by Eggert Gunnarsson and NatureClip, via Videvo
Announcements Brandon Milk
Mindfulness Bell and Opening Words allison calvern
Welcome/Accueil and Chalice Lighting Maurice Cabana-Proulx
Story: “A Prayer for Mother and Child” allison calvern
Joys and Sorrows allison calvern
Song #1 “May Nothing Evil Cross This Door” via Youtube
Affirmation Michel Jan (live on Zoom) / allison calvern (Sanctuary)
Reading: “Song of Beauty” Dave Edmunds (Zoom) / allison calvern (Sanctuary)
Talk: “Adult Religious Exploration” Michel Jan
Talk: “State of the Fellowship” Brandon Milk
Talk: “Finances at UUFO” Dave Edmunds
Offertory Message Dave Edmunds
Interview with Allison Armstrong allison calvern & Allison Armstrong
Song “There Is A Love” via Youtube
Closing Words allison calvern
Entrusting the Flame and Mindfulness Bell allison calvern
Postlude: Fortuna Saltans (Zoom) by Dee Yan-Kee; Video imagery by Taylor Mefford, daha, and Videvo via Videvo / Piano Postlude (Sanctuary) “The Rainbow Connecton” Pat Lucey on Piano