May 24th Sunday Service

Sunday, May 24th – 11:30 am (on Zoom)
Following the regular time slot for our 10:30 Sunday morning service, we will hold a “Joys and Sorrows” online check-in, where everyone has a chance to share our worries and sorrows, as well as our joys and sources of happiness, without questions or discussion. This will be followed by a “Coffee Hour” when we can ask questions, and delve deeper into conversation, if we choose. Join us at 11:30 am by clicking the Zoom link which was emailed to you on Friday and/or Saturday by our Fellowship Office Administrator. Instructions on how to join a Zoom gathering are available here.

“The Power of Our Religious Symbols”

Service Leader: Helmut Kuhn
Speaker: Fred Harland


Song:   “Joy To The Morning”
          Michel Boudreau

Joy, Joy to the morning, sing holy bird.
Joy, Joy at the dawning, notes sweetly heard.
Hail, Hail to the sunrise! Hail to the sky!
Blessed be our great earth. Blessed am I.

Joy, Joy to the evening, shine setting sun.
Joy, Joy to the twilight, day’s work is done.
Hail, hail to the moonrise! Hail starry sky!
At peace be our great world. At peace am I.

Joy, Joy to the music, everywhere heard.
Joy, Joy in the one light, bright in our world.
Hail, hail to the wonder! Nature’s reply.
Grateful all creation. Grateful am I.

Chalice Lighting and Opening Words 

Our Joys and Concerns and Our Offering 

Musical Reflection: Video Link   “May We Be Filled With Loving Kindness”

Introduction to Fred 

Click on this link:    Religious Symbols May 24, 2020  to view the pictures which Fred will reference throughout his presentation.

Presentation: Part I                           Fred Harland

Responsive Reading 

Presentation: Part II                         
Fred Harland

Hymn: Video Link     #121   “We’ll Build a Land”   

Presentation: Part III                         Fred Harland

Hymn: Video Link   #318   “We Would Be One”

Extinguishing the Chalice and Closing Words   

Special presentation of Beethoven’s  “Ode To Joy” by members of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra