June 14th Sunday Service

Sunday, June 14th – 11:30 am (on Zoom)
Following the regular time slot for our 10:30 Sunday morning service, we will hold a “Joys and Sorrows” online check-in, where everyone has a chance to share our worries and sorrows, as well as our joys and sources of happiness, without questions or discussion. This will be followed by a “Coffee Hour” when we can ask questions, and delve deeper into conversation, if we choose. Join us at 11:30 am by clicking the Zoom link which was emailed to you on Friday and/or Saturday by our Fellowship Office Administrator. Instructions on how to join a Zoom gathering are available here.

“Flower Communion Celebration”
Service Leader: Pat Lucey
Readers: Lucie-Marie Castonguay-Bower, Chris Baddeley Girard, Louka Kavcic, Nick Lepan, Martha Nabatian, Nancy Rubenstein

NOTE: Before beginning this service, you may wish to gather up your own candle to light, and select a stone, or another meaningful object, to hold as we consider our Joys and Concerns together.

Prelude          Link to Video: “Now I Walk in Beauty”   from the Navajo Tradition, sung by the San Fernando Valley Youth Chorus          

Welcome and Chalice Lighting                  Readers: Pat, Lucie-Marie, and Louka

Opening Words
          “Flower Communion” by Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar                        Reader: Chris


Offering and Joys and Sorrows                     Pat

Moment of Musical Reflection 

Story for All Ages                  Video Link: “Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney

The Story of the Flower Communion – Part I                  Reader: Martha

Click this link to see photos of Norbert and Maja Čapek.

The Story of the Flower Communion – Part II                Reader: Nancy

The Story of the Flower Communion – Part III
              Reader: Nick

Sharing Our Flowers 

Link to Presentation: Flower Communion Celebration 2020
Flower Ceremony Musical Accompaniment
  Debussy – “Arabesque 1” – Héloïse de Jenlis, Harpist

Flower Ceremony Blessing
           by Norbert Čapek       Reader: Chris

Introducing the Song

        “Love Grows One By One”   Words & Music: Carol Johnson ©1981
performed by Elizabeth McMahon

CHORUS: Oh, Love grows one by one, two by two, and four by four.
Love grows round like a circle, and comes back knockin’ on your front door.

1. Note by note we make a song, voice by voice we sing it; 
Choir by choir we fill up the world with the music that we bring it.

CHORUS: Oh, Love grows one by one….

(musical interlude)

2. So let me take your hand my friend, we’ll each take the hand of another;
Hand in hand we’ll reach round the world to our sisters and our brothers.

CHORUS Oh, Love grows one by one….  (sing twice)

Closing Words                                         Readers: Pat and Lucie-Marie

Entrusting the Flame
                                Reader: Louka

Postlude                     Link to Video: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Spring (La Primavera), 1st movement, Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra 

Additional Resources:
Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre website