UUFO chalice in front of a singing bowl

Worship Service: Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

The Christmas season, stuffed with presents, candy canes, and blinking lights, can unwittingly highlight sadness. UUFO’s Blue Christmas service, led by allison calvern, creates a space where we can admit that our lives are touched also with loss. Our December 10 service consists of songs, brief reflections, and the lighting of five candles: The 1st for those who have died; the 2ndfor other losses; the 3rd for courage; the 4th for those who support us; and the 5th for daring to find hope in the middle of our pain. Songs are by the congregation, the choir, and at least three soloists—with accompaniment by piano or guitar. 

Service Leader: allison calvern

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Dec 10 2023


10:30 am - 12:00 pm


400 McArthur Ave. Ottawa

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