April 12th Sunday Service


Sunday, April 12th – 11:30 am (on Zoom)
Following the regular time slot for our 10:30 Sunday morning service, we will hold a “Joys and Sorrows” online check-in, where everyone has a chance to share our worries and sorrows, as well as our joys and sources of happiness, without questions or discussion. This will be followed by a “Coffee Hour” when we can ask questions, and delve deeper into   conversation, if we choose. Join us at 11:30 am by clicking the link which was emailed to you yesterday by our Fellowship Office Administrator. Instructions on how to join a Zoom gathering are available here.

Service Leader: Pat Lucey
Speaker: Hoppy Roy 

NOTE: Before beginning this service, you may wish to gather up your own candle to light, and select a stone, or another meaningful object, to hold as we consider our Joys and Concerns together.

  “Turn the World Around”    Harry Belafonte

Introduction and Chalice Lighting 

Welcome and Opening Words 

“Morning Has Broken”               Joe McDonald

Morning has broken, like the first morning,
Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.
Praise for the singing! Praise for the morning!
Praise for them, springing fresh from the Word!

Sweet the rain’s new fall sunlit from heaven, 
Like the first dewfall on the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness where God’s feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight! Mine is the morning
Born of the one light Eden saw play!
Praise with elation, praise every morning,
God’s re-creation of the new day!

Time For All Ages     Here’s a link to an art lesson especially for Easter — fun for kids, grandkids, aspiring cartoonists of all ages, and for anyone else who would like to learn How to Draw an Easter Bunny.

Offering, Joys and Concerns

Moment of Musical Reflection
                          Joe McDonald

Sharing Time 
 “Our Easter Memories”

     “After the Resurrection”        Pat Lucey

     “Easter 2020:  Reflections, Renewal and Rebirth”       Hoppy Roy

Closing Words
      “Prayer For A Pandemic”    the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word

   “We Rise Again”        The Rankin Family


More About Easter:
If you have ever wondered how the date of Easter is determined (and it’s pretty complicated!), click on the following link for a lively and interesting explanation:
Why Determining Easter’s Date is So Confusing